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Unlock Your Full Power and Potential Using Energetic, Vibrational and Psychological forces to Hypnotize, Heal, Influence and Manifest
Anything You Desire Faster and Easier than Ever Before?


Then Keep Reading Now, Because there has NEVER been an Opportunity Like This Before!


Unleashing the Magic Within
Hypnosis, Energy, Healing, Manifestation and Beyond


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Hey my friend,

Dr. David Snyder here, first of all let me say welcome and greetings.

At the risk of sounding a bit more woowoo than I would like let me start by saying...

If you have found this page its because there is something here that you are meant to learn.


Something Important!

Most of you may be aware that for many years I have been on a relentless search for the hidden lost secrets of tapping into and maximizing human potentials, particularly in the fields of influence, behavior, energetics and manifestation.

That search has taken me from sitting in Elite level Military Grade closed door trainings with some of the most accomplished researchers in neuroscience, behavioral engineering and tradecraft to closed door "Initiate Only" mystical trainings in Kabbalah, Daoism, Buddhism, Rosicrucian, Hesychastic and Coptic Gnostic Christian Mystery Schools, Not Mention Advanced Internal Kung Fu Systems, External and Medical Qi Gong Practices. Super Advanced Training In Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming,  just to name a few, But here's the thing...


None of that Matters!

Where I got the secrets I am about the share with you doesn't really matter, How I got them doesn't really matter, but I always make a practice of sharing my sources so you can replicate the technology if you have the time and energy to do so.

What Really matters is what I uncovered over the last 6 plus years of training research and practice. and What it can do for you!
Practices that can completely amplify and transform your hypnosis skills and abilities in minimum time and give you the power to uneash your full manifestation, energetic and spiritual potential.

What Really Matters Is what YOU Will Be Able To Accomplish...

  • For yourself,
  • Your clients,
  • Your family
  • And the world once you master these secrets.

Secrets for How To:

  • Amplify your hypnotic power and effectiveness by a factor of 4 or more! 
  • Develop the Vibrational Capacity of your voice so much it can effect physical matter and change its properties
    No this is not training on how to have a better hypnovoice. This is about how to project specific frequencies of energy WITH YOUR SO STRONG THAT THEY CAN ACTUALLY REMOVE OR ALTER THE TASTE OF ALCOHOL You will learn how to do it and then you will test it! After you have this training your voice will be able not just mentally but physically effect people.
  • Use Energy and Vibration to Amplify Your Hypnotic Power so much you can induce waking hypnosis in anyone faster and easier than you ever thought possible. (this closely guarded method was kept a secret by ancient Daoist and Buddhist mystical traditions because of its potential for misuse) and you can use it to help your patients and clients achieve their goals faster and easier than ever before.
  • Special Vibrational Hypnosis Techniques for resolving transforming or amplifying any issue or attribute you
    or clients want to change (You could run an entire practice just from this)
  • How to understand how real “magick is made” no its not about weird rituals, gods or goddesses or anything super woo woo, but the hidden energy psychology secrets that cause thoughts and energy to create and manifest reality. If you are a student of Manifestation and law of attraction – You have Never Learned this and it explains hypnosis, NLP, Qi Gong and so much more
  • How to fully recharge and purify your lost energy – every time we work with a client or interact with humans positively or negatively, we leave a little bit of our energy with them. You will learn a super powerful secret for rapidly reclaiming your lost energy and using it to deeply recharge your system – If you have a lot of emotional baggage, health problems or see a lot of clients – You NEED THIS! It’s a life saver
  • Activate and open your psychic abilities – some people come into this world with their ESP and intuitive gifts turned on but often have little control over them – In this module you will learn specific meditations and practices that will over time amplify and awaken your clairvoyant clairaudient and clairsentient abilities, develop astral projection skills and so much more and the best part is – you will be able to access and control those abilities on demand. It’s not an overnight fix, but it gives a clear path to unlocking and expressing your true power.
  • Protect yourself from psychic attack and create an impenetrable shield to guard you. Most people do not know this but there are at least 12 different forms of psychic attack. You will learn about all of them and the steps you can take to be truly connected and protected.
  • Manifest anything you want! You will learn the absolute most powerful method for manifesting impossible things. I have been studying mystical, energetic and LOA applications for a very long time and this method beats them all old and new – hands down!
  • And much much more

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